Serendipity (2001)

Original Title: Serendipity (2001)

Jonathan is shopping at Bloomingdales for the perfect Christmas gift. Ironically, so is Sara. They both grab the last pair of black gloves, forcing them to look up from the chaos. Meeting by chance, they have an incredible night out together. Realizing they’re both in committed relationships, they part ways… but not before giving fate a chance to prove they’re truly meant to be together. Years go by and both Jonathan and Sara have found love with other people. While planning their weddings, the universe keeps sending them signs reminding each of them about that one night in New York. This leaves both of them questioning their current relationships. The curiosity of “what might have been” has both Sara and Jonathan searching for answers. No matter how hard they look or try to figure things out for themselves, the ultimate decision is left in fates hands.

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