La La Land (2016)

Original Title: La La Land (2016)

Jammed in a wide stretch of highway in sun-kissed Los Angeles, morning commuters are two particular dream-following hopefuls: Sebastian, a suavely charming soft-spoken jazz pianist whom life’s got on the ropes; and brilliant actress Mia. Sebastian, a purist with an undiluted taste in music, has a serious plan for the future. Mia, an incurable romantic mesmerized by the allure of the old Hollywood, is consumed between meaningless auditions. These two proper L.A. dreamers are simply meant for each other despite getting off to a bad start. They keep running into each other under the city’s starry nights and plum-hued sunrises and a magical old-school tap-dance romance timidly commences. This is the kind of effervescent love that defies reason, that inspires one to have long walks while gazing at the Milky Way of the city’s flickering lights, but life is as exciting as it is challenging, and the two idealists begin to veer from their dreams. Does true love exist only in the movies? Do dreams ever come true?

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